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The term Hookah is derived from an Arabic word "huqqa” that means a piped object that is mainly used to smoke flavored tobacco. I am sure many of us did not know that. The use of Hookahs dates back in the Persian Safavid Dynasty which was between 1501 and 1722. Hookahs however faced a lot of criticism due to their side effects that led to their diminishing use a year on. Many scientists claimed that the use of Hookahs was a dangerous as smoking the regular cigarettes. Most critics claimed that the Hookah could not filter the dangerous toxins from Nicotine and Tobacco thus not fit for human use.

Hookahpens has however been modified to completely eliminate the effects of Nicotine and tobacco. A number of scientists from the United States of American has researched and proved this true. Amid having no tobacco and nicotine, it comes with different flavors, designs, colors, shapes, and unique features that attract many people. Women for instance who like to match what they have with the clothes they wear can have a variety of colors to change as they dress differently.

Hookahpens has unique features that make it quite effective in its operation. These features include;

- Battery; Most Hookahpens have lithium battery that help charge the vaporizer. The vaporizer is what turns water in vapor which you inhale through the inhaling point. These batteries are easily rechargeable that ensure that your Hookah remains charged for a very long time. The batteries are very durable hence you do not have to fear even when travelling for long distances.

- Heating Coil: The coil is uniquely designed to automatically heat the liquid inside the Hookah once initiated. The coil is an important element which the Hookah cannot be effective without. The heater coil is also referred to as the atomizer.

- Cartomizer or tank; this is where liquid which is vaporized is stored. Different types of Hookahpens have different tank sizes. The bigger the Cartomizer, the more the contents will be stored hence the more durable the Hookahpen will be.

Different Hookahpens are available in two main forms. The disposable and the refillable Hookah form. Most people prefer to have the refillable types which they can easily refill after the exhaustion of the inner content. The reusable Hookahpens however are more expensive as compared to the disposable. Most reusable Hookahs have laminated a screen that reads the remaining content hence alerting you to refill your hookah once it nears getting exhausted. This is quite advantageous as there is no single moment that you will go thirsty before refilling or repurchasing your device.

There are different companies that manufacture Hookahpens in the market today. Some of these companies are genuine while others are not. You have to be very much cautious of the different varieties of Hookahs available in the market. Some will not deliver your expectations despite how promising they seem. This section on the article aims at presenting to you some of the best E-shisha and Hookahpens that you can prefer selecting for your vaping requirements.

Vaporfi Boom Vapor Hookah Starter Kit

This is one of the most incredible Hookahs that you will get in the market today. They go at a price of $89.98 which to common citizen may be quite expensive. However, being in mind different advantages it offers you, this is quite cheap. It is small in size hence allowing you to carry it along any place that you go. It has an incredible 2200mah battery that ensure that the Hookah remain charged for a very long period of time. Moreover, it offers four amazing mouthpiece colors which are quite appealing and attractive to the eyes. Initially, it was being sold at $129 but you can readily access it at $89.98 in different online stores.

Starbuzz E-Hoe

The Starbuzz E-hose is another amazing Hookahpens that you should be on the lookout for. It offers an aesthetic value that allows you to easily switch from your real Hookah without your knowledge. It goes for a price of around $199.99 although different distributors may offer negotiable prices to you. It neither contains nicotine nor tobacco. This means that it is absolutely safe for you. Once you purchase this Hookahpen, an instructional guide is given to you to ensure you appropriately use. Follow each step and be sure to have an amazing vaping experience.

Shisha Pens from Newhere

Again, these pens are for those that want to retain the aesthetic value of their real Hookahs. These Shisha pens are availed in 8 different flavors thus giving you a variety from which you can choose from. They are readily availed in different retails shops across California and other parts of the world hence easily accessible. Each goes for around $9.99 which is quite affordable to many of us. They are available in disposable and re-usable forms hence allowing you to select the one that suites you well.

Vaporfi Fruity Hookah

As the name suggest, the Fruity Hookah is a combination of two fruit blends which are Watermelon and Strawberry and earthly tobacco. I am sure you can already figure out the taste in your mind. The most dominant flavor in the Fruity Hookah is the sweet watermelon flavor with a tobacco shisha feel at the background. The overall thrill is completely by a hint of grape feel hence making the vaping experience quite fantastic.

There are different types of Hookahpens available in the market. But as I stated in the first section of the article, I continue to state that it is essential that you be careful of the Hookah that you select. Some are just flavored yet do not offer any satisfaction to you. Other have some harmful chemical hidden in their sweet flavors which your may not easily identify. Seek for more articles and guides on the best Hookahpens and be sure to make the right decision. Visit online sites as well as manufacturer’s websites and be sure to be informed appropriately.

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